Noticing (Janan)

I’m visiting my parents in DC this week as the semester closes, and I’ve been walking around my childhood neighborhood a lot. One thing I’m newly noticing on my walks that I had previously taken for granted is that so many of the bushes on my block are actually flowering bushes. It’s added so much color to my streets and made me grateful to be here for this season. I love being able to smell the flowers.

2. I’ve been teaching one of my younger cousins how to speak Arabic as he’s new to the DC area. I’ve also been (attempting to) teach myself to be more mindful of what I internalize.

2 thoughts on “Noticing (Janan)

  1. Matt Brim

    The experience of going back home and noticing in new ways resonates so strongly with me. And it happens every time… there must be some word for this, the unending act of re-noticing upon returning to a place from one’s past.

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