Project Resources

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Your final project in this course can take many forms. Perhaps you want to write something; it could be a research paper, an annotated syllabus, a grant proposal, or something related to advocacy or public policy. Maybe you want to work with mapping, game design, or with audio or visual media. Or maybe you want to design an entirely new kind of course or institution. We invite you to think expansively.

Throughout the semester we’ll share ideas and resources on this page that you can use for inspiration as you craft your project in consultation with your instructors. Most of all, we want the project to be something that is meaningful to you, something that helps you move toward your goals.

  • HASTAC Pedagogy Project: A terrific collection of project ideas including digital scholarship, creative and multimedia projects, public writing, and more. A good source of inspiration for final project ideas.
  • Mapping the Futures of Higher Education: A Futures Initiative project that uses maps to explore questions of educational equity.
  • Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: This unique keyword collection brings together dozens of authors and digital artifacts, including assignments. Browse the collection for ideas.
  • Equality Archive: A multimodal encyclopedia of the history of sex and gender equality in the United States. The Equality Archive style sheet is here.
  • “Stage 1” Writing Project: This is a slight recasting of fairly standard writing project that emphasizes context, audience, and process. It is a focused, no throat-clearing-necessary draft of about 15 pages written for a particular audience (our class) that can at a later date be substantially reworked for a different audience (perhaps readers of a scholarly journal, or your thesis or dissertation committee, or an Open Resource repository such as CUNY Academic Works).