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Alycia Sellie is the Associate Librarian for Collections at the Graduate Center Library.

A Field Guide to Grad School : Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum

Hey all, I was able to add the book Katina mentioned last night to the library’s holdings, here’s a link.

You can see the whole of the ebook while you’re online. It’s one of these one-person-can-read-it-at-a-time titles (sorry! I wish these did not exist!), but folks can also download up to 72 pages (total for each user) as well for offline reading, and/or you can always request a particular chapter via Interlibrary Loan if you’d like a PDF and have already used up that 72 page allotment.

I’m also thinking about creating a guide on the library website to collect resources like this–Katina’s great new book and others (during and after the graduate experience). Are there books or links I should include that have helped you? I’ll share a link when I get a few things together!