Dawn – Jess

眠れなくても 夜は明ける
それを僕は 眺めている

Even if I cant sleep, dawn will break as I gaze over it

(Lyrics from Yorugaakeru by Given)

This spring semester, I tried my hand at 2D animation for the first time. With no experience, it has been challenging (this GIF took several hours) but it gave me a new sense of joy. A lot has happened over this semester; I struggled with a lot of anxiety, stress and hopelessness…but I’ve found moments of happiness with new friends, new hobbies and imagining a bright future ahead.

夜は明ける literally translates to “the night will get light”

This song is really meaningful for me, and music in general has been a huge emotional support.

I currently feel a mix of apprehension and optimism.

1 thought on “Dawn – Jess

  1. Janan Shouhayib

    Wow, Jess, this animation is so impressive!

    Based on your reflection, it seems like you’ve given yourself the space to reflect on a tough time and have been able to see abundance ahead. Thank you for sharing!

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