I agree with Wilson’s and Laing’s sentiment that decolonization is impossible. The current iteration of America was intentionally established using colonial principles and practices. The same principles and practices now permeate and reverberate through all aspects of society – including education. The roots that were planted when America was founded have now grown and expanded to be culturally all-encompassing. I cannot envision the colonizing web that was created and that has caught so many domains can be untangled without significant collateral and residual damage to the interconnected infrastructures. Then again, maybe that is the point – to rebuild from the ground up.

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  1. Katina Rogers (she/her)

    Thanks for this reflection, Troy. One thing we’ll bring to class today is whether thinking about “reindigenization,” something that Danyelle Means mentioned in a panel at the recent CUNY faculty diversity conference, is perhaps a term that resonates more or at least offers a different point of entry.

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