Week 10: Importance of sense of belonging and leadership

“It’s not enough just to say that you’ve met the definition of an HSI if students don’t have a sense of belonging if the leadership doesn’t provide the support necessary to get to and through college completion,” 

  by Beatriz Ceja-Williams, Division Director at the U.S. Department of Education

3 thoughts on “Week 10: Importance of sense of belonging and leadership

  1. Katina Rogers (she/her)

    David, I want to acknowledge that I see you exploring new ways to engage with and respond to the texts and class questions. Thank you for this! I look forward to talking tomorrow and hearing about what this quote and these images mean to you in conjunction with the week’s materials.

  2. Lucien Baskin

    I love this juxtaposition, David! Excited to hear you elaborate on it in class tomorrow and to hear our classmates reflections on the quote and images you’ve shared with us.

  3. Matt Brim


    Can the class have permission to reuse this pairing of images in our future classes? It’s such a great pedagogical tool for surfacing complex ideas. I join Lucien and Katina in hoping that you’ll unpack some of them for us today.


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