Week 11: Cry out for consideration

“Where is the humanity in the humanities? Why are the humanities failing humans? Are the humanities killing the human spirit? Am I considered a human in the humanities?”

                                                by Clelia O. Rodríguez

3 thoughts on “Week 11: Cry out for consideration

  1. Matt Brim


    It’s interesting to see this photo juxtaposed to the Rodriguez quote, especially insofar as children occupy a special place (supposedly) in helping people to feel or sense or come into their humanity. Is this a child playing in the rain, or this a screaming/angry child, or is this a child who is in pain? Why does this photo speak to the human/humanities tension in the Rodriguez quote?


  2. Lucien Baskin

    Thank you for taking us back to these questions. I’d be curious to discuss these questions around the humanities and humanism (and post-humanism) in relation to a conversation around the social sciences and the study of premature death. Lots of connections between the quote and image you have juxtaposed here, and Karen’s poem.

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