Week 2 Responses: CUNY and COVID — DUE FEB 8

A prompt or series of questions can help focus your responses to our weekly readings. We encourage you to craft your own prompts and write them at the top of your responses, but we will also suggest prompts to you, as below.


  • What kind of texts did we read for today (Feb 9)? (note sources & their conventions)
  • Why begin our course with these kinds of academic writings? (consider teaching/learning context)
  • How are you located in relation to this mini-archive of readings? (name your perspective)


  • What patterns (e.g., repeated terms, places, rhetorics) do you see across today’s readings? (analyze the data, i.e., remake the parts into a new whole)
  • What key tensions mark/motivate these writings? (set the stakes)
  • What critical frameworks help you engage with these writings, at least partially? (adopt/adapt a theory, methodology, or disciplinary viewpoint)


  • THE REAL QUESTION: What do you most want to say to our class in response to today‚Äôs readings, given your considerations of the prompts above?