3 thoughts on “Week 9 – Miguel

  1. Matt Brim

    The first few lines below are just notes from your podcast:
    –Theme: systems of organized violence
    –“new crimes” for existing while Black and a person of color
    –RWG offers historical context for understanding this dynamic of the escalation of punishment.
    –normalization of the prison industrial complex

    You end your response with an ongoing question: What are alternatives to prison and policing? I’m sure you have a lot of answers, or starts to answers, to that question. I’d be curious to hear about an alternative that resonates the most with you. Why do you seem drawn to that alternative? Figuring out why we help build the alternatives we decide to help build is a really interesting part of the work.


  2. Katina Rogers (she/her)

    Miguel, thanks for raising these thoughts and questions. I agree with Matt: I would love to hear your thoughts on what might come in the next ‘episode’. What ARE some of the possible alternatives? What can you imagine, what have you seen? One thing RWG asks in the interview is, “How can we make freedom out of what we have?” I think part of the difficulty in answering this question is figuring out the right balance of imagining new possibilities that break beyond the existing structures, and on the other hand working within real constraints. Where do you see this boundary, or this point of inflection, both relative to policing and education? What can we do in that space?

  3. Katina Rogers (she/her)

    Quick accessibility question—would you be able to include a transcript (even auto-generated) on future audio or video clips? I’m going to make sure to turn on captioning on our class meetings, too.

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