Week 5 – Miguel

What barriers exist for you in our class right now?

Nothing comes to mind right now outside of finding time to get everything done. I love how this class feels low pressure.

What all do you envision us being capable of, together, in this class going forward in the semester?

I’d like some set time for folks to be asked about their postings for the week especially if folks are using mediums outside of traditional writing. This will provide some time for folks to engage with outside another outside of the postings but on the postings.

What course content questions do you have so far (i.e., questions about the readings)?

No questions come t mind so far

What course process questions do you have so far?

I am looking forward to unpacking the final assignment more

My weekly posting for class is an audio clip feel free to check it out below.

1 thought on “Week 5 – Miguel

  1. Matt Brim

    Nice job weaving our three readings (Ahmed, Harris et. al., and Bousquet) together using the throughline of the “overseer role,” the position from which someone manages others’ time, their work, and their ability to be heard/to lodge complaint. (Btw, Ahmed’s newest book, COMPLAINT, will be published very soon). Looking forward to the painting next week!

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