Check-in Survey (Janan)

  1. What barriers exist for you in our class right now?

I can’t think of a barrier because I think it’s a very democratic/collaborative class.

2. What *all* do you envision us being capable of, together, in this class going forward in the semester?

It seems like the course/syllabus ends this way, but my dream is that we consistently build room for possibility and examples of educational justice as we critique and grieve over the shortcomings of our current systems.

3. What course content questions do you have so far (i.e., questions about the readings)?

We haven’t spoken about it much but I’d love to have more clarity about charter schools and the different positions for/against.

4. What course process questions do you have so far?

The only thing that comes to mind is I’m wondering if there’s an obligation to post on the blog for the same week that a student is presenting.

Blog post to come 🙂