2 thoughts on “Week 6 – Miguel

  1. Matt Brim

    Your example of a department not helping its own undergraduate students navigate their way toward/into that department’s graduate program reminds me of parallel discussions I’ve had about CUNY not helping its graduate students navigate their way into full-time tenure track positions within CUNY. We are not prioritizing our own. It would be great for you to review with the class your understanding of why this is the case.

  2. Katina Rogers (she/her)

    Agree, this is a parallel that came to mind for me, too. I’d love to talk tonight about how this connects to questions of prestige—e.g., who are considered to be “desirable” students, and do CUNY educators have confidence in the value of the education they/we provide? I’m also thinking about mentorship and who has someone willing to give them a push. For instance, I think about Herman Bennett’s approach to the Pipeline Program, too, and the way he strongly encourages students in the program to put themselves out there for fellowships and other opportunities. It often takes a nudge from someone with more power to convince someone to go for these opportunities, especially if it’s not something they necessarily imagined for themselves. But where does that mentorship come from when everyone is stretched too thin?

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